Structural Engineering

Where precision, creativity, and ingenuity converge, to build the foundations of progress

Structural Engineering Services

Structural Engineering design and certification for residential and commercial applications

Cresco Australia offers comprehensive structural engineering services for a broad range of industries in both the public and private sectors. Our team of experienced professionals excels in designing and certifying structures to ensure their safety, durability, and compliance with industry standards. Whether you’re planning a new construction project or seeking to renovate an existing building, our structural engineering expertise will provide you with reliable and innovative solutions.

Structural Engineering Approach

Vision Exploration

In this initial phase, our distinctive approach lies in comprehending your unique preferences, which we use as the foundation for our design process. We prioritize understanding your specific requirements and aligning our work with your long-term goals. During this initial phase, we engage in close collaboration with you to gain a comprehensive understanding of your project vision and objectives, ensuring that our designs perfectly compliment your needs.

Innovative Design & Analysis

Our expert team utilises industry leading software and analysis tools to craft innovative structural designs, ensuring optimal performance and safety.

Seamless Execution & Quality Assurance

With meticulous planning and a commitment to excellence, our experienced engineers oversee the seamless execution of your project while adhering to strict quality assurance protocols.

"We at Biax Foundations are continually impressed at the exceptional service & unparalleled expertise Cresco Australia provides to their clients. As a client ourselves, as well as a product supplier for builders and concretors we seek precision and innovation, we found ourselves in the capable hands of SJL Consulting, and the continual experiences surpasses our highest expectations. What truly sets SJL Consulting apart is their commitment to excellence and constant problem solving to ensure their builders are getting a superior design without having to spend thousands on unnecessary aspects for their build. Their attention to detail and proactive approach ensures that every aspect of their projects is meticulously executed, delivering results that were not just satisfactory, but truly outstanding."
Chris London, Business Development Manager NSW & QLD, Biax Foundations